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Why Banhall

So, You Want to Access SR&ED Tax Credits in Vancouver?

But there’s a problem..

You’re Worried About Your Costs

R&D is the fuel of your business’ innovation. However, it can be expensive. Our experts can help you cut costs by deducting SR&ED expenditures to reduce your tax bill.

You’ve Never Heard Of SR&ED

Our consultants are more than happy to walk you through the program as well as assessing your business’ eligibility. Book a consultation today!

You Don’t Have The Time & Expertise

When business is booming, we help you take care of the finer details while you get to work.

You’re Unsure If You’re Eligible

Identifying SR&ED requires technical personnel who performed, are familiar with, or are responsible for the work.

Unclear Guidelines & Parameters

Our experts will guide you through the SR&ED program as well as your eligibility.

You’re Unsure If Your Innovation Counts

Our tax experts help you make the most of the Canadian government’s recognition for innovation, whether it’s making an incremental improvement or creating a new product or service.

Banhall Consulting

We Help Vancouver Businesses Navigate The Complex Bureaucracy Of The SR&ED Program

What is SR&ED?

The Scientific Research & Experimental Development (SR&ED) program is the largest source of funding by the Canadian government to encourage innovation in the form of income tax credits for businesses. We help you make the most of these incentives by having you save big on your tax bill.

It’s Easier Than You Think

Companies fail to make an SR&ED claim under the false assumption that this claim is for high-tech, big-ticket companies. From agriculture to manufacturing, if your staff is engaged in solving technological problems for which a solution is not readily available, the work they are doing is fully or partially eligible for SR&ED credits.

Banhall Consulting

Industries We Serve


Manufacturing innovation affects every aspect of the manufacturing industry, from design, research and development, production, supply chain, and logistics management.

Information Technology

We serve engineering & construction firms that develop new materials, design approaches, and advances in digital technology and big data.

Life Sciences

We support companies that produce protective clothing, respiratory products, containment products, medical and specialty gloves, janitorial supplies, agriculture, etc.

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What We Believe In

Innovation is what leads to national economic prosperity for all stakeholders involved. We service companies in all major metropolitan regions across Canada to ensure that our country remains the true north; strong and free.

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