The Company

About Banhall Consulting In Vancouver

About Banhall Consulting In Vancouver

Banhall Consulting LTD. was founded based on our passion for helping Canadian companies get the funding they need for their innovation to grow and thrive. Our dedication is helping companies with the SR&ED tax incentive program and how to navigate   the complexities of the process and understand all   necessary guidelines. Our team has decades of combined SR&ED experience and has worked on
thousands of SR&ED claims. Our financial and technical experts have the versatility to assist companies in various industries in all areas of their SR&ED claim. Combining this experience and knowledge with our detailed-oriented methods has allowed us to achieve proven results with a 96% success rate on SR&ED claims.

What We Believe In

Properly prioritizing our resources to ensure a high level of personal performance. At the end of the day we are all focused on results but what matters more is the steps we take on the road to achieving our ultimate goal.

Value #1 Accountability

We believe accountability plays an essential role in what we do. It is important to us that we are accountable to our clients by helping them present the strongest SR&ED claim possible while guiding them through the filing process. It is also key for us to be accountable to the CRA and maintain a solid relationship with them through our reputation of submitting claims the right way.

Value #2 Teamwork

Teamwork is the foundation to our success. Our combined experience as a team has been our strength from day one and has allowed us to always be at our best for our clients.

Value #3 Dedication

At Banhall, we understand the dedication it takes to assist our clients with filing SR&ED claims, from meeting CRA deadlines to ensuring that all the supporting documentation and financial information is in order and prepared correctly. We take our roles as SR&ED consultants seriously and truly care about our clients and submitting quality claims.

Value #4 Curiosity

Canada thrives on innovation in every industry. Our team is always curious
about new products, processes and skills that our clients develop with their R&D projects. By consistently learning about the latest innovations allows us to learn more about our clients and their industry. The more we continue to learn, the better we are at our jobs and applying what we learned to the SR&ED program and filing claims.